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I’ll be honest, it took me quite awhile to jump on the self love train. When I first started my spiritual and personal growth journey I avoided the topic of self love like the plague. It all just seemed a little too hokey to me, and I couldn’t get behind it. Looking back, a big part of it was probably resistance because, honestly, I didn’t fully love and accept myself back then, so the idea of a self love practice made me feel a bit uncomfortable. I thought for sure there had to be some kind of work around and that I could skip over the self love stuff completely.

It took me a few years to come around to the idea of adopting my own self love practices. What I’ve come to realize is that radical love and acceptance for ourselves is truly the cornerstone to any spiritual practice (and to a happy life for that matter). It’s more than just an act of self kindness here and there, it’s a mental shift, a way of life.  It’s making a statement to the Universe that you believe you are worthy and deserve good things. And guess what happens when you believe you are worthy of good things? That’s right, more good things come into your life. 🙂

Need some proof? Try one (or all!) of these self love tips below and tell me you don’t feel like a million bucks.


Take a bath. Make it an event. Grab your favorite smelling bubbles, light some candles and add a few rose petals for a little extra oomph. Bonus: Throw some sea or Epsom salts into the mix to help reorganize your energy, too.

Get yourself a pedicure — or do something really pampering for yourself for no good reason (ie it’s not your birthday and you don’t have a wedding or some other event coming up that you need to look nice for). For some people the idea of pampering themselves in this way feels totally indulgent (and I know it can be a bit of an investment) but trust me, it’s a fabulous way to invest in your self worth for relatively little cost.

Exercise! Nothing boosts my mood like exercise. I personally feel at my best when I work up a sweat on an (almost) daily basis. Taking time out to work on your health is a major act of self love. Not only does it boost your confidence and make you feel more comfortable in your own skin, but by setting time aside to take care of YOU (I’m talking to you, busy moms 😉 )  you are reaffirming to yourself that you matter.  Make it a habit to set aside some time for exercise every day —- even just a few minutes for some light yoga if you’re not feeling a full-blown workout. The Tone It Up girls make some of my favorite quick and effective workouts (most can be done at home and are completely FREE).

Buy yourself some flowers. I pick up a couple batches of roses or peonies at the grocery store for myself every single trip. It brightens my mood for the entire week and every time I glance at the flowers sitting on my dining and living room tables, it makes me smile. Sure, it tacks a little extra onto my grocery bill but it’s totally worth it.

Dance! Put on one of your favorite tunes and jam out for a few minutes. Let go of your inhibitions and move in whatever way feels good to you. Doing this really connects you with your energy making you feel more present in your body. Not only will this exercise energize you, it will noticeably lift your mood in 3 minutes flat.

Take a break. Do you constantly over- work or over schedule yourself? Well honey, you’re sending a clear sign to your subconscious that you don’t deserve to rest. Let’s change that habit right now, shall we? Take a real break at lunch, as in physically get up from your desk and head out for a walk. Or sign out fifteen minutes early and do something you enjoy doing rather than something you have to do. I promise, the world’s not going to end. 😉

Make yourself a cup of tea. This one sounds so simple but often we’re so busy tending to the needs of others that we don’t take time to care for ourselves. What’s more comforting than sitting down and savoring a warm cup of tea?

Schedule some solo time. This tip is sooo important, especially during the craziness of the holidays when alone time is scarce. For me personally, if I find myself getting a bit testy it’s generally a clue to myself that I really just need some alone time. I know it can feel a little indulgent to schedule time for yourself, especially when you have a family or little ones who depend on you, but even just a short time alone to journal or head out for a walk can make a huge impact on your energy so that you’re available to put your best self forward for others.

Head to bed half an hour earlier than usual. If you’re tired then by all means hit the pillow and get some rest. Getting enough sleep and taking care of ourselves is an act of self love. Not sleepy? Indulge in reading your current favorite personal growth or spiritual text. I’ll schedule in some early reading time once or twice a week. Right now I’m reading Get Rich, Lucky Bitch! by Denise Duffield-Thomas and loving it. It feels so nice to head to bed early with the intention of reading a chapter or two, rather than struggling to read a few pages through heavy eyes after I’m already tired.

Meditate! Are you surprised this made the list? 😉 Meditation helps connect you with your true inner self and tune into what you truly want and need on a soul level. Think of your meditation practice as a chance to clear your head and check in with your thoughts and feelings for the day. For instance, you might find some guidance on a situation you’ve been worrying about, or discover some anxiety that you’ve been having actually has a deeper root. I like to meditate twice daily — once in the morning to get my mind straight and again in the afternoon or evening to process my day. I’ve cleared many an anxious mood simply by sitting for a few minutes in meditation.

I hope these tips serve you! If you have any self love tips to share, I’d love to hear them. Which ones from the above list do you plan to try? Leave me a comment below!



xo Kristi

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  • Kylie

    Hi Kristi, I meditate regularly and there is a buddhist meditation called loving kindness which really helps me. Google it or check it out on youtube. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • Kristi

      Thanks Kyile! I will! <3

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