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Let’s talk about the benefits of creating a consistent and committed spiritual practice. 🙂

If you’re in my world you’ve probably noticed that we’re experiencing a sort of trend right now where many people are feeling a deep call for transformation. We’re feeling called to strip away the layers that are preventing us from stepping into our highest selves and our true power. I know that I’m experiencing it personally and I’m also seeing it among my friends, my coaching clients and other women and men all around me.

And part of my job is to teach you how to build a solid spiritual foundation to help support that transformation, because it is my belief that our spiritual connection is at the heart of it all.

Part of the reason that building and strengthening our spiritual connection is so important, especially as we start to become more empowered in our own lives, careers and relationships is because there’s a lot of fear that can come up when we decide to commit to stepping into our our most purposeful lives.

The lovely spiritual teacher Marianne Williamson says, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, it is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.”

Here’s the thing: Stepping up into our highest selves and most fulfilling lives, relationships, careers, etc. is scary.

The good news is the more you strengthen your spiritual connection, the less scary it becomes because you will build a foundation of strength and faith to lean on.

I have three tips to share with you for building and strengthening your own spiritual practice.

Tip number one is to make it consistent.

Whatever your spiritual practice is —- whether that involves prayer and meditation, journaling, exercise, reading from a personal growth or spiritual text every morning —- make it consistent.

Commit to your spiritual practice every single day.

Meditation is a huge part of my spiritual practice. That doesn’t mean I meditate for thirty minutes every day. Sometimes I do, if I have the time. But there are plenty days I really have to work to fit my spiritual practice in. But I always make time for it – even if I only have a couple minutes. And that might mean shutting my eyes and meditating for a moment or two, or just setting an intention to be at peace throughout the day. But it’s a daily commitment. If we want to reap the benefits of our spiritual practice, we have to commit to it. Like my mentor Gabrielle Bernstein says, your spiritual practice works if you work it.

Tip number two is to create space for your spiritual practice and make it sacred.

I personally have a space where I sit every morning at my dining room table and I have a few spiritual texts, my journal, some crystals that my sister gave me. Sometimes I light a candle. And regardless of whether I have three minutes or thirty minutes I make a point to shut off all distractions, put away my cell phone and really tune into my practice. I realize some of us may not have the luxury of a quiet space to come to every day, especially if you have a family and children, but try and give yourself some sort of space that you can turn to that can be a sacred container for your practice. That could be heading out for a walk or a run or meditating in the shower with some candles and essential oils. Have fun. Get creative. And make it sacred.

Tip number three is to allow room for your spiritual practice to grow and evolve.

Allowing your spiritual practice to grow keeps things fresh and exciting and it keeps us coming back day after day. Just like any other routine, your spiritual practice will grow and evolve as you do. This part is actually really fun and simple because all you have to do is be open to receiving guidance.

I will often ask for guidance for whatever will help me next in my spiritual growth. For example, I’ll ask to be guided to a new meditation or book or whatever I’m needing at the moment. And the Universe never fails to present me with exactly what I need. The more we start to pay attention to the guidance around and the more open we are to receiving it, the more guidance and spiritual support we’ll experience in our lives.


I hope you’ve found this super helpful! Leave me a comment – what is your biggest challenge when it comes to committing to a daily spiritual practice?

xo Kristi

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