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NEW PODCAST: Forgiveness: A brand new episode of Soul Chat is LIVE just in time for the holidays. In this episode, Lauren and I are talking all about FORGIVENESS. We offer tips to show yourself forgiveness, mercy and grace throughout the holiday season and beyond plus a BONUS forgiveness meditation | http://kristisnyderllc.com/new-podcast-forgiveness/

Feeling Your Feelings: Here’s Why You Should Do It

Do you ever feel disconnected from your feelings? I can remember talking to my therapist during one of my very first visits (which was about six years ago) and telling her that I felt like a muted-down version of myself. At the time, I was feeling extremely disconnected and out of touch with how I… read more

Do You Give Yourself Permission to Feel?

Do you ever notice how sometimes it feels like you keep facing the same challenges in life over and over again? Maybe it seems like door after door keeps slamming in your face when it comes to your career or you find yourself at the tail end of another 'failed' relationship. You think to yourself, "Ugh, this again? Seriously… read more

Where Darkness Meets Light

“You cannot bring the light to the darkness. You must bring the darkness to the light.” - A Course in Miracles.   I'm guessing many of you have been feeling a lot of intense emotion surfacing this week. I'm right there with you. The past several days I've been experiencing a lot of old emotional junk… read more

Be The Gentle Witness To Your Emotions

For so long before I knew how to really witness my emotions I used to allow them to take me down. I would get so caught up in whatever I was feeling (sadness, anger, loneliness) that tunnel vision would ensue and I couldn't find my way out. It was kind of like being sucked into a black hole without ever… read more

How To Navigate An Emotional Detox

Hello, my friends! Is it just me or has this week been kind of a doozy? I feel a little like I've been through the ringer. I've been noticing lots of old patterns and other 'stuff' coming up recently (Hello, Mercury retrograde!), and it's been bringing a lot of emotions to the surface. I'll be the first to admit… read more

How to Embrace Your Emotions

I want you to consider the following question for a minute, and be honest with yourself. How good are you at embracing your emotions? I'm not just talking about being able to recognize when you're feeling happy, anxious or sad, but receiving your emotions with open arms and really allowing yourself to feel them. It's easy… read more

How to Break Free from a Negative Pattern

Do you ever feel like you're just spinning your wheels in a certain area of your life? Maybe you've been trying for years to straighten out your financial situation but you keep hitting one major roadblock after another. Or perhaps, after several months of flying solo, you finally put yourself back out onto the dating… read more

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