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You Are the Love You Have Been Looking For

  This is a lesson I am constantly learning (and learning and learning again, haha). And it is one I’m sure I will continue to learn because this is truly the work of our lives. This lesson right here. You are the love you have been looking for.  We all go through life searching for… read more

Love Anyway

I recently saw the movie The Age of Adaline with one of my dear friends. In the film, the main character (portrayed by Blake Lively), is in an accident that renders her ageless. Afraid of giving away her secret, she lives alone for many years, picking up and moving every decade --- in essence running away… read more

My Self-Love Story

Since it's February (and the month of Valentine's Day) I thought I'd share a little bit of my self-love story with you. My sincere hope is that inspires you to take a little time to reflect on your own relationship with yourself and to make a commitment to deepening your own self-love. Hope you enjoy! xo My self-love story began… read more

How to Receive Love

This post was inspired by my Meditation Moments series. (For those of you subscribed to that series this is going to be slightly repetitive, but stick around! There are extra pearls of wisdom here, I promise. :) )   I had an interesting experience a couple weeks ago. I was in the market for a home… read more

When You Feel Lack, Ask Yourself This Question

Do you ever find yourself stuck in a state of lack? Have you ever caught yourself feeling hurt or resentful about what you're not receiving from your friends or family, or simply feeling unloved by your romantic partner or the Universe in general? This is a topic that I frequently see come up for my… read more

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