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Heather Waxman - Spiritual Life Coach“Kristi is a truly beautiful guide. She walks her talk and embodies what it means to be a true healer and teacher. She teaches through her own stories and vulnerabilities, which helps her clients feel truly heard, supported and held on their own spiritual paths. I would recommend her to anyone looking to free themselves from their fears!”

Heather Waxman, Spiritual Life Coach and Amazon Best Selling Author

“Kristi is a true miracle-worker. I feel so lucky to have found her!”

Kristi is a true miracle-worker. Her incredible active listening skills and patient, loving encouragement are always just what I need to shift my own perspective and try a different approach. By being steadfast in her own spiritual practice, she has developed an uncanny ability to see to the heart of an issue and offer constructive exercises, readings, and advice that will help create shifts within her clients.

At this moment, I am in the midst of a book that she recommended and I can already see the positive impact it is having on my relationship. I only wish I had read it when she first told me about it so that things could have improved sooner. Kristi has a definite gift for what she does and I feel so lucky to have found her!

Libby, New York


Erika“With love, grace and compassion Kristi has helped me grow and become more self aware. She is caring and never rushed through our sessions. Each time we ended, I learned something new about myself. Our work together has catapulted me to a new awareness and appreciation for life.

Erika, Texas

“In my very first session with Kristi, I felt an instant connection.”

In my very first session with Kristi, I felt an instant connection. She is professional, spiritual and just an overall sweetheart. Talking with her brought me a sense of peace. I’m so grateful our lives crossed paths.

Justine, Connecticut


Lauren“Kristi is a beautiful spirit who radiates warmth, love and understanding. I leave every session with a sense of inspiration, lightness and resolve. Her guidance is brilliant, yet practical. Kristi is so patient and an awesome listener. She is relatable and humble with an extreme passion, intelligence and talent for helping her clients tap into the best version of themselves – one that is full of love, joy and confidence. I recommend Kristi to anyone seeking clarity, guidance, peace and realistic and powerful solutions to daily life.”

Lauren, Arizona

“Having Kristi as your coach will change you, in the best ways possible. She’s real, she’s raw, and the work she does is meaningful. She’ll point out the gaps and show you how to fill them with self-love. Kristi walks the walk, using her own experiences as a guide throughout her coaching. Hands down, the best decision you’ll make this year.”

Ashley Wilhite, Founder of Your Super Awesome Life


 “Talking with Kristi was like chatting with a very clear, very wise friend.”

Jessica“I was a little nervous to sign up for coaching, although it was something I felt drawn to for quite some time. I finally took the plunge and I’m so that glad I did! Talking with Kristi was like chatting with a very clear, very wise friend. She quickly made me feel at ease and comfortable sharing my hang-ups and helped me identify some simple truths I was struggling with.

At the time, I felt very wrapped up in ‘getting ahead’ and was unable to release the stress. Kristi gave me some great insights, recommended steps to take and some additional resources that really helped. I loved Kristi, she was really a girl after my own heart! She was really knowledgeable and could relate to my struggles. I would recommend Kristi to anyone looking for a richer, healthier, stress-free life.”

Jessica, Vancouver, CA

Angela“I’ve known Kristi for almost three years now and have had the pleasure seeing inside her mind and heart as she worked towards the goals and beginnings of her business. Her personal journey and daily spiritual growth practices give her a beautiful insight to the human mind and spirit. That, along with her great love for all living things, gives her a leg up in connecting with everyone. I just love listening to her podcast!

There are times when we all need kindness, grounded guidance, vulnerability, acceptance, and sometimes a spiritual awakening, and Kristi has provided a beautiful space where you can receive that from yourself through her. I want to be her but even better… she has a space in her heart for who you are no matter what while still inspiring you to be the best you. And that’s the best we can give each other.”

Angela, California

hearts1Dana“I found/met Kristi this past summer and immediately felt connected to her spirit. She truly glows from the inside out! Our conversations are always so abundant, the depth of her insight is unbelievable. I always leave our talks feeling so inspired and connected to my own purpose. I honor Kristi for always stepping into her light because in doing so, she allows others to do the same.”

Dana Gatzolis, Soul Centered Life Coach and Singer/Songwriter

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