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I am so thrilled to finally announce something that has been in the works for a little while now! My gorgeous yoga instructor friend Lauren and I created a podcast just for you!Soul Chat Podcast

We often have these long, deep soul chats with one another that bring us so much clarity and peace. Having one another to turn to for guidance and support throughout our spiritual journeys has meant so much to both of us. One day we looked at each other and  thought, “Wouldn’t it be amazing to share this with other people?” Hence, Soul Chat was born! During our weekly casts (as we’re calling them), we’ll get down and dirty with spiritual concepts, bare our hearts, call out our egos and share our goofy side too.

Our hope is that hearing our stories will help you feel more supported in your own spiritual journey. We feel like we created something pretty special and we truly hope you love it!

xo Kristi

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  • Kelsey // Ramblings of Change

    This is so exciting! I’m stoked to start listening – soon!

    • Kristi

      Thanks Kelsey! Can’t wait for you to hear – hope you love it! <3

  • Caty Pasternak

    Hi Kristi!

    I love your podcast and the work you’re doing! I’d love to come on for an interview to chat about any and all of the following:
    -How vulnerability is required for true transformation
    -Radical self ACCEPTANCE before self love
    -Healing addictions/compulsive behaviors through spirituality and neuroscience
    -Making agreements with our subconscious fears

    You can check out my podcast: The Spiritual Gangster Podcast or my social channels @CatyPasternak to learn more about me 🙂




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