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Hey love!

Tell me if this sounds like you. You consider yourself to be a fairly seasoned spiritual student. You’re totally devoted to your daily meditation practice and you rarely ever miss an opportunity to hone your spiritual skills. Sometimes you feel amazing and so incredibly connected with the Universe and in the flow of life, and other times you feel…meh.

No matter where you’re currently at in your own spiritual practice, know that it gets a little stale for all of us from time to time. Just like an exercise regimen, in order to keep yourself engaged and excited about your practice you have to shake things up every now and then. If you’re finding yourself simply going through the motions and in need of inspiration here are a few ideas to help get your spiritual mojo up and running again.


Check out a new book or podcast. There’s nothing I love more than immersing myself in a new book to broaden my spiritual perspective. (I just finished reading Leveraging the Universe by Mike Dooley and it rocked my world). I also love listening to podcasts from Gabrielle Bernstein and Joyce Meyer on my Podbay app. Sometimes, all it takes is reading or hearing a concept in a new or different way to bring about a beautiful revelation or a-ha moment. You can check out some of my other favorite spiritual and personal growth resources here.

Take up a new spiritual practice. If your spiritual practice is feeling a little lackluster then it may be time to try something new. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a huge undertaking, even a subtle change can make a big difference. For instance, if you normally meditate in silence try a guided meditation for 30 days, or grab a friend and hit up a kundalini yoga class. It might be just what you need to get back in the spiritual groove.

Seek out a spiritual mentor. Have a chat with a spiritually seasoned friend or sign up for a session or package with a new coach. Whenever I’m really feeling ready to go deeper into my spiritual practice I always look for a coach or mentor. For me, there’s nothing better than having someone to provide new insight and guide me through my transformation.

Give your daily routine a rest. Give yourself a break from your spiritual practice, if you need it. Sometimes we just need a breather from our daily routine. Take a few days, a week or even longer if you feel called to. That doesn’t mean you have to abandon your practice altogether. Spend some time connecting by doing some not-so-routine things like taking a walk in nature or meditating on the beach. Let go and see where you’re guided. I did exactly that just last week while I was on vacation in Jamaica. I spent the entire week soaking up the ocean, enjoying the people and relishing in the freedom of not having to be on any schedule whatsoever. I returned feeling refreshed and excited to get back to my daily practice.

Above all, trust your inner guidance. If you’re craving to go deeper in your spiritual practice but you’re not really sure what you want then simply set the intention and see what follows. Your inner guidance system always knows best. Ask for guidance and trust that you will receive exactly what you need.

I hope this post provides you with a ton of inspiration and ideas to incorporate into your own practice. Have a great week!



How do you spice up your spiritual practice? Any favorite books or podcasts to share?  Let me know!

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xo Kristi

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  • Brynn

    Such gorgeous pictures! Your inner happiness is shining through! xo

  • Kristi

    Thank you darling! xx

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