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I adapted this post from a journal entry I wrote earlier this week. Truth be told, I wrote it when I was having a major moment of doubt. I was feeling fearful about a situation and, rather than jump down the rabbit hole of chaos and confusion, I knew just needed to sit down, put pen to paper and come back home and connect to what I believe and know to be true.

So I did.  And this is what I wrote:

I believe…

I believe in hope.

I believe in possibility.

I believe in freedom and joy, and I believe that our purpose in this world is to live life as the fullest and most authentic expression of ourselves while manifesting our heart’s desires.

I believe in transformation. I believe in massive transformation.

I believe that when we have the courage to follow our heart and listen to our internal guidance that we will be led to our greatest and most fulfilling and inspiring lives.

I believe in faith.

I believe in miracles.

I believe in inspiration.

I believe that I am a powerful co-creator (and so are you).
I believe that ultimately love prevails. Yes, even when it doesn’t seem like it it’s going to.

I believe in kindness. I believe in the goodness of people. I believe in doing the right thing.

I believe in connection and I believe that when two people come together with shared intention that miracles can happen.

I believe in the power of prayer.

I believe in dreaming big.

I believe that nothing is off limits.

I believe in me.

I believe in you.


Love this? Your turn! Create an “I believe” manifesto of your own. Trust me, you won’t regret it. Just take a few moments with a pen and piece of paper to sit and get still and write down what you know to be true. This is such a powerful tool you can return to anytime you’re feeling stuck, lost and confused.

I love you all.

xo Kristi

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